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Our Team

Le Sallay Academy is currently recruiting the faculty of the US campus. Their work will be informed and guided by the faculty of the European campus, who are listed below.

We welcome open-minded and innovative professionals interested in creating the school of the future. We have positions available in STEM, Humanities, and Languages departments. Please check our Vacancies for more details.

Yan Rauch
Head of STEM
BA in Microelectronics from the Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technologies. Specialist training in teaching physics and math.
Yan has many years of experience developing math programs for gifted students and training students for international Mathematics Olympics.
Yulia Sorokina
Math Teacher, Diverse Learning Coordinator
MEd in Special Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Yulia is a math interventionist, math co-teacher and coordinator of special education programming.
Evelyn Aremu
B.Sc. (Hons.) in Botany and M.Sc. in Environmental Biology from University of Ibadan, Nigeria. MBA and a Masters in Teaching Science from Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, Utah. A recipient of the Japanese government scholarship, she earned a PhD in Bioenvironmental Science from Tottori University, Japan. Evelyn has broad experience working across multicultural settings of Asia, Europe and America.
Anna Finko
BA in Mathematics from Higher School of Economics. Winner of international Math Olympics. Researcher in the field of education and mathematical literacy at the Laboratory of Psychometrics and Education Assessment.
Humanities and Languages
Dr. Melinda Rice
Head of Humanities Department
BA in History from the Seattle University. Ph.D. in History from UCLA. Prior to joining Le Sallay, Melinda taught at the University of Mississippi. She has years of experience working with gifted students including at Duke University’s Talent Identification Program for middle school students in India and Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth in Hong Kong
Jelena Jaric
BA in Archaeology and an MA in Medieval Studies from Central European University. Currently she is working on her DPhil in Archaeology at the University of Oxford. For the past three years, she had been teaching history, geography and social studies to middle school and high school students.

World Literature and English Language

BA in English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania, an MLit in Writing from the University of Glasgow, and an MA in Education from the Autonomous University of Catalonia.
Cila has taught in her native United States, England, Spain and Scotland. Her experience ranges from individual tutoring to online courses for hundreds of students.

Maria Olmsted

BA in World & Comparative Literature from the Tartu University. Maria is a founder of scholarly books business, has worked at the Harvard University Library, and taught at the Modern Languages Dept. of the Northeastern University.
Angelique Aristondo
Ph.D. in French Studies from the City University of New York, Graduate Certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy and specialization in Foreign Language Acquisition. Angelique has been teaching French and Francophone literature since 2012. Her previous teaching appointments include the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University.
Olga Baley
BA in History from the Moscow State University. A French-based interpreter and languages teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching foreign languages to English-speaking students. 

Ekaterina Kadieva
Ekaterina Kadieva is a psychologist, instructor at the Center for Systemic Family Therapy and a specialist in child development.
Segey Kuznetsov
Sergey Kuznetsov is a French-based writer and journalist. He was awarded a Knight Fellowship by Stanford University. His works have been translated into multiple languages.
Anna Kadieva
Executive Director
BA in Linguistics and Cultural Projects Management from Sorbonne University. Anna has extensive experience of managing international education projects.
Aleka Molokova
Head of Academics
BA in Linguistics and Art Management. She has worked in secondary and higher education and taught English as Second Language. Aleka has worked on numerous educational projects in Boston where she currently lives.
Visiting Lecturers
History of mathematics and science

A PhD in History of Science from Princeton University.

Media and Creative Writing

A journalist and short-story write who teaches Media Literacy and Creative Writing.

Interactive media
Digital media guru, specialist in internet business strategy, audience, product and content development.
English Language and Literature
Cornell University, Associate professor of English Language and Literature.