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Our engaging and academically rigorous curriculum follows American Common Core but is developed and customized in accordance with our learning model. We are proud of our identity as an international school, and seek to avoid focusing on any one culture or viewpoint, opting instead to welcome the traditions of many peoples and nations. Our approach to learning is based on developing critically important skills, such as the understanding of conceptual relationships, creative problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Our school does not have classes with fixed rosters. Students of different ages study in small 4-7 person groups. Every student has an individual learning plan that takes into account their education goals. The study plans are finalized after the September on-site sessions when the teachers have had a chance to assess the students’ current level and group students that best fit together.

Our curriculum includes the following subjects:
  • Mathematics
  • Science: physics, chemistry, biology
  • History and Geography
  • Literature and English
  • Foreign languages (French and Spanish, and more in the future)
Every subject includes 108 academic hours in an online setting and 64 academic hours of in-person meeting time.