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In August 2022, Le Sallay International Academy will be opening a US campus. An innovative independent school for children aged 10-14, we offer interactive online classes led by a team of highly qualified teachers fluent in virtual education. Every trimester we have 3-week in-person sessions. Our school is quarantine-proof and we guarantee uninterrupted learning.

Le Sallay offers an inclusive environment for students with diverse learning needs, including academically gifted and twice-exceptional learners. Our curriculum is both academically challenging and fully personalized, helping all of our students stay motivated and achieve their full potential. To learn more about our approach to teaching please watch the Virtual Open House.


"А pioneer in blended learning education"
Forbes Magazine

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Students who are not being served well in a traditional school environment
Our academically rigorous program is tailored to your child’s needs to help them discover – or rediscover– their love of learning.

Middle-schoolers who enjoy the focused work that remote instruction allows
Our interactive virtual classrooms use advanced technology to help minimize distractions and build a better learning structure.

Students with diverse learning needs
Gifted students as well as twice-exceptional and neuro-divergent children are often insufficiently supported within a traditional school setting. Our approach includes differentiated study plans and the support of certified educators and psychologists.

Expats and travelers
Wherever your family is, your child can continue their studies with us. We work with families to ensure that students are fully prepared to pass the national exams of their home countries.

What kind of student thrives at Le Sallay?

Le Sallay’s academically rigorous program has proven particularly good for high-achieving students who need additional challenges. It also attracts children who have grown disengaged in their schools or feel like they don’t fit in, by helping them rediscover the love of learning and encouraging socialization and meaningful relationships. Providing differentiated study plans and psychological support, the Academy is a great choice for students with diverse learning needs, as well as those whose families are frequently on the move.
Forbes Magazine
Our innovative approach combines synchronous distance learning with an in-person residential experience. Our school year is divided into quarters, with each quarter offering a distance learning and in-person component. In a typical quarter, your child will study from home for eight weeks in a row, then travel to our campus for three weeks of classroom learning and social opportunities. Distance learning includes 5-6 highly interactive classes a day. Each class has 3-6 students and every student has a personalized learning plan.

In-person sessions bring all the students and staff together at a well-equipped campus. The on-site sessions combine classes with games and activities aimed at helping students develop their social skills and sense of belonging to the Le Sallay community. Our mentors and psychologists work with students throughout the year to encourage students’ social and emotional development.

How our school works

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Are you bored at school ?
You won’t be bored with us! At Le Sallay, we want you to love learning, and we work with your interests to make school exciting.

At your school, do you have conflicts with your classmates? Have you sometimes felt as if you had no friends?
At Le Sallay, teachers will get to know you and your strengths. They’ll help you build the friendships you want. You’ll be exposed to a wider world, and have a lot of chances to make friends online and in person.

Do you tend to feel you are the smartest in the class? Or, on the contrary, do you often think that everybody else is smarter than you?
At Le Sallay, we meet you where you are! Our small classes and personalized learning plans mean you will always feel the right level of challenge.

Are your parents constantly moving from place to place, and and have you had to switch schools every time?
At Le Sallay, a new address won’t have to mean a new school. With our blend of distance learning and residential in-person school, you’ll keep your same friends and teachers even if you move every year!

As a Student Why Should I Chose Le Sallay Academy

Our Students

At Le Sallay we have students from across the United States.

With the opening of the new US campus, we will be able to bring all of our American students together and provide a better focus on the US curriculum.

Our graduates have successfully have been accepted to some of the leading high schools, among them:

  • York School in Monterey, CA
  • King Edward's School, Witley (UK)
  • Athenian School in San-Francisco, CA


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